BAOU Online Exam Form July 2019 I

Dr. BabaSaheb Ambedkar Open University Online Exam Form July 2019 Published By University. You Can Fill Up Your Form By Given Below Link And Details.

Important dates for filling the examination form of July- 2019
Details of examination feesOn a study center by the student

Form Deposit Date
Through study centers

Examination Department, at the University

The last date to deposit
Free20 /05/2019 from 04/06/201905/06/2019
With Rs. 200 / - Leight Fee050 6 /2019 from 11/06/201912/06/2019
With Rs.400 / - Leight Fee12/06/2019 to 18/06/201921/06/2019
Rs.1000 / - with Leight Fee19/06/2019 to 20/06/201921/06/2019
Note:   Repeater students ofVocational Professional coursewill have to pay exam fees subject to the subject

Tue 24/06/2019 - Exam Hall Hits from 4:00 pm on the evening

Can be downloaded from the university website.

Important Instructions about filling the Online Exam Form

Important Instructions on the sessional examinations to be held in July-July 

  1. July -2019 session exam of different courses run by the university . Starting from 06/07/2019.

  2. BA in January-2019 Students who are already enrolled in B.Com will have to submit a new syllabus, which will be different from the timetable.

  3. Examination form 20/05/2019 onthe university's website to examine the university's website through his enrollment number from the line will be filled in the same mode. 

  4. Thenew entrant, the repeater old school student - Filling a test form to test every pariksarthie musthave .

  5. The student can fill out the prescribed examination fee / late fees onlinethrough Internet Banking,Debit Card, Credit Card, PoS, BHIM App, e-currency .

  6. The student should not be admitted by the examination fee / late fee cash (cash)check or demand draft with theexamination form . Such examination forms will not be accepted by the University in any case and examinations will be canceled and students can not sit in the examination.

  7. After completing the complete and correct examination filled online form, the hard copyof the same form (e-print)will be deposited on the study center before the due date of receipt of the examination fee / late fees. .

  8. The center associations will have to submit the examination form signed by the examinations by the examiners-deposited in the examination department, University, on the prescribed date of submission of the receipt pair form, along with the prescribed examination fee / late fees. The representative of the study center which will submit the examination form at the university will be paid according to the rules by the University .

  9.    Examination can not be given before prescribed time limit. Eg.

  1.                                      I. If B. A., B.Com., Bliss, MA And if the admission of Diploma courses is done in July - 2018, then the FY can be given in July -2019.                                        III. But, if the students of FY, SY or TY have examined one year after the admission of their year and have failed, they will be able to give the exams for the year's felicitation during the session-taking session now. Eg. January 2019, the applicants will be able to give the exams for the January-2019 session. But if they have failed during this examination, the sessional examinations in July-2019 will be able to give the exam results.

  2.                                     IV. Only students of the certificate course can be given an examination after 6 months of admission. If you are enrolled in the certificate course in January - 2019, the examiner can give an examination in July - 2019.

  3.                                     II.   Similarly, BA, B.Com. And MA Abhyasakramonam SYY students of their SY After a year of edamisananamSY bikoma of the BA. TY students of courses will be offered TY after one year of their TY admission.

  1. If the examination is found to be an unlawful punishment, the student will be able to take the examination only after completion of the sentence. Eg.

  2. Students, who have been sentenced to one year's imprisonment on the basis of misappropriation during the examination of July -2018, will be able to take the examination in July- 2015. And,
    II.   Students, who have been sentenced to two years on the basis of irregularity during the July -2017 examination, will be able to take the examination in July -2019. 

                                         III.   Students, who are sentenced to three years in jail for misbehavior during the July-2017 examination, will be able to take the exam after January 2020.  

                                         IV.   During the January-2019 examination, students who have been subjected to malpractice will not be able to fill the examination form in July-2019 or cannot be given the examination. 

    11. In the   examination form, the examiner must compulsorily submit his latest passport size photograph

    12. The student will have to show his enrollment number and the course in the course of the examination form. Eg.811010104787B.A. The student must be careful about writing a registration number. In the example shown in the example "." 

    13.   Career administrators should ensure that the student fills the correct information and submits the signature coins of your center in the form of examination form and examination form. For example providing guidance for student registration number and name, course, syllabus code and name, etc. Examination with incomplete or incorrect details will not be recognized by the University, its caretaker and the center administrator should be careful.

    14. If the   study center will have both signature and coins in the examination form and in the submission of the examination form, only the candidate's form will be considered valid.

    15. The   student should carefully supervise the submission of the Examination Form after passing the Examination Form.

    16. In the   prescribed time limit, the applicant students can submit free examination forms at their own study center.Pariksarthie free of charge to the last date of filing Form Exams 05/06/2019 are 

    17. The   University is encouraged to fill the prescribed examination form in a stipulated time. If the student does not fill the examination form in the prescribed time limit then the fee will be payable.

    18.   After the due date of submission of form, By filling Rs. 200 / - (digit buses) as a fee of Rs. 05/06/2019 to 11/06/2019 , the candidate will have to sign his hard copy of the examination form and submit it to the study center before the due date. 

    19.    Ta By completing the cost of Rs.400 / - (Rupees Fourths Full) from 12/06/2019 to 18/06/2019, the candidate will have to sign his hard copy of the examination form and deposit it on the study center before the due date. 

    20. Ta By filling the fee of Rs 1000 / - (Rupees One Thousand Full) from 19/06/2019 to 20/06/2019, the candidate will have to sign his hard copy of the examination form and submit it to the study center before the due date. 

    21.   The fixed tarikhabada sanyojakasrioe According to the Center for two days to deposit undergone exam form signed by a form candidates Examination Department at the University submit a person will have to get. The representative of the study center which will submit the examination form at the university will be paid according to the rules by the University.   

    22. Since the examination form is a document related to the student's career, the university will not have any responsibility for the examination form sent by post/courier.  

    23.   Complete and true details and examination fees - Online Fee along with the Leight Fee (as per the date applicable) will be printed on the date the submission of the form on the submitted form, which will be considered as the date of submission of the form and accordingly it will be considered as a late fee. .

    24.    Thursday 20 /06 /201 then any form will not be accepted student exams and their hall tickets (which are mandatory to sit the exam room), but it will also be available, take special note of his student.  

    25.    Dt. 24/06/201 9 All study students to be able to download their hall tickets from the University's website and can be found on the same day each study center and examination center. The date of the session with a view to planning the seating arrangements at the examination centers sheets according to the number of students in Dec 28/06/201 9 on the test center will be sent to the e-mail ID.       

    26.   When the examiner submits the examination of his Hall ticket and University's idol in the course of the examination and during the examination, the inspector's signature in the hall ticket is invariably done.

    27. In case of non-receipt of an ICARD or in case of lost, take the necessary action before getting the examination and keeping the iCard at the time of the examination.  

    28. The student will have to appear in the examination center fixed at the examination center and from the examination center indicated in Hall Ticket, the examination given on the other examination center will be canceled.

    29.   Exam Hall Ticket examinees in the allotted examination center, full name, registration number, courses, details of the test date and time displayed is complete and correct, it will be Czech. In the examination room, the inspector has to sign individually in the Hall ticket.

    30.   Examination Form as well as the Hall ticket if any discomfort for the exam. e-mail to query @ 

    31.   Examination of courses in which the examiner has registered is to be given .

    32.   While filling the Online Examination Form, the information will be selected for the syllabus of the code and the syllabus of the syllabus as mentioned in the guide manual, to be fully cared for.

    33.   Examination schedule and Hall Ticket will be placed on the university's website . 

    34.   sheet and an addendum of the observer 's signature must be, otherwise the sheet and supplement valid will not.


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